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Cloud platform Azure / AppHarbor - The differences

I have deployed application to Microsoft Azure and AppHabor but there are differences bitween two platform from the model to coding. It took me times, and I noted there for references.

1. The model differences

Azure provides free account

  • In trial period of 30 days

  • We can try all its services with 200$ added to free trial account

  • An credit card is required on registration

  • Its pricing calculation will be based on your usage

AppHarbor provides free account

  • With no limit on date

  • Other services will cost such as database, pricing is based on capacity of your choice. So if your application can use some free services such as Redis / RavenDB... it is not blocking you.

  • If adding a custom domain, it costs 10$ / month (quite big?)

2. Coding & Deployment


  • Configuration variable is very easy, just added on Azure portal and it will override values from Web.config

  • All keys are not hidden by default, but connection strings will be, only when you click on a specific key to display the value.



  • Provides Configuration variables. It equals to AppSettings when you get from Web.config file

  • All keys will be shown when you enter this page on the portal, maybe some sensitive data can be caught by camara or any eyes around ;)


  • After the app is connected to source code repository, it is not deploying automatically. You must do a push on the repository and it will work.


Written on September 15, 2015