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DDD - Coding for Domain-Driven Design

Reading a series of posts Data Points - Coding for Domain-Driven Design: Tips for Data-Focused Devs have a look back to what I have done with.

** Query on Repository This point, we shouldn't have all navigation properties from an aggregate object, example

Order <--> LineItem relationship is 1:0...* but LineItem should not contain Order definition.

** Value objects

In EntityFramework, there is a ComplexType attribute to specify a type is Value Object, similar to Component mapping in NHibernate.

An example is:

Customer has BindingAddress and ShippingAddress properties.

If they are ComplexType, so Customer has no navigation property to Address type, instead all fields of Address will appear on Customer. From database normalization point of view, is it still good ? I will have to dig into this question...

Written on September 14, 2015