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How to implement pagination on ASP.NET MVC4

Pagination !!! This task is very common as almost application requires pagination when listing data. So how is a good direction to complete this task? I did it again today and below is how it has been completed.

Any library out there?

Yes, there are many. I did not look around lot of them but doing search will give many results. The two libraries I spent time to do some testing are PagedList and mvcpaging.

Implement pagination with PagedList

So I choosed PagedList for ionline project.

Install nuget packages

Go to to install the package into your project.


Setup controller's Action


The main part is bordered in green box, it does a test to check if the client supports ajax then only a partial view will be returned or the whole view if not.

The views

The list view simply renders the partial view on initial request.


The partial view contains an importal part is the pager, which will renders all pages with navigation links. We define id of the root element which holds content of the page.


Enable client Ajax

If the whole-page still being reloaded when you switch to other page, it means that the site is not configured to enable unobtrusive JavaScript. A couple of actions required for this work.

  • Set UnobtrusiveJavaScriptEnabled to true in web.config file
  • Include the JQuery component jquery.unobtrusive-ajax to the project.



  1. The PagedList repository
  2. MVC Paging Demo
Written on August 28, 2015