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Secure configuration values on Azure

If an application will be deployed on Azure we can secure sensitive application settings (include AppSettings and ConnectionStrings) easily with just a little work for doing configuration and nothing is required to change on code.

1. Settings on Web.config

In the sample application, there are two keys with local value on Web.config file. After deployed to Azure it views as below


2. Create settings on Azure portal

On Azure, environment settings will override application local values if there is the same thing set on Azure portal. Let's do a simple work to verify this behavior ;)


An app setting key and a connection string have been set, we can see them loaded on application as below:


3. Conclusion

Do not put production settings (often contains sensitive information) on Web.config, it has to be configured on Azure portal


  1. Windows Azure Web Sites: How Application Strings and Connection Strings Work
Written on September 1, 2015