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via Twitter account - common issues

Today I integrate my application with Twitter and user now can sign-in by their Twitter account. It's not so hard with support of the libraries Microsoft.Owin.Security.Twitter or Owin.Security.Providers. Beside, there are some issues soonly happens.

1. Needed a full-qualified domain

When creating an application in Twitter Apps, we must provide a FQDN such as because it does not support localhost. OK so we can do that by modify the host file in our dev environment.

2. A callback URL

The field Callback URL is not required when creating a Twitter App, but withit enter a valid value, an error appears during authenticating.


3. Certificate issue

One other issue is about remote certificate exception. But there were some guys who facing with it and ca help us. Taking values from this answer will help to fix the problem.

OK, now you finish also. Our users can authenticate by their Twitter accounts.

Written on November 17, 2015