iOnline - application requirements

I have involved in building a web application that deployed on a could platform using different database system from SQL to NoSQL database system. I will share here all steps we did to make it running.

The web application that manages messages written by any internet user. Below are the requirements

Functional requirements

  • User can write a message by Markdown format, attach the message to a given category, seeing preview of the message.

  • User can see number of messages by category

  • User can list all messages in the system, or filter by a category. Extract from the message body a few words to display on listing page.

  • User can comment on any message with content from

  • User can view a message and all comments about it. The message should be displayed with Markdown format.

  • User can search for messages by a keyword

  • System must validate to ensure that message will not be posted by any robot

Deployment requirements

  • Deploy the application on a cloud platform (Azure or any other ones like AppHarbor)

  • System should be deployed easily on different database system including SQL Server, NoSQL (RavenDB/MongoDB). Switch bitween different db systems easily.

Written on September 10, 2015